Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sanjusangendo, Kyoto

Literally means the temple with thirty-three spacings, hence the long hall. As I was almost done sketching the buddha on the left, with only the facial features left to finish, a staff approached me and said, Please do not sketch here. I replied with, well, I know photography is not allowed, why not sketching? She said, it will cause trouble for other visitors, especially when it's crowded. Please ask for the permission to sketch from those monks sitting over there. I was like, great, even this temple works on strict company hierarchy. And so I got a long lecture from the monk in charge of how pens and inks are not allowed in the building, blah blah blah it may potentially harm the precious buddhas. So I guess had I pulled out my watercolour gears instead of my pen, I would be sitting in detention right now lol

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