Saturday, 6 September 2014

Food Chain Display at Keelung National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

This is drawn after a very well-made food chain model display at the Keelung NMMST while my friend was off watching the featured 3D film (I get motion sickness from them) I had to manoeuvre carefully around the kids who were jumping and screaming and crying, but it was fun all the same. I meant to put in lines to label the food chain (the model has lights displaying the prey and predator of the species you choose), but I was short on time... I like how Keelung chose to build a museum for marine science instead of an aquarium. Personally I find informative displays and models more practical and engaging than dolphin shows and live fish tanks. But it really depends on whether the audience prefers to be entertained or actively engage themselves in being educated... Also, since I've been learning bits and pieces about the deep sea for sometime, I really liked how the entire first floor was dedicated to this topic! Learned a bunch of stuff!

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