Monday, 19 January 2015

Scenes from Tokyo: Tsukiji

I half-heartedly followed my buddies on a early morning trip to Tsukiji. The lines for both in-market sushi bar were overwhelming, but we settled in to wait for our breakfast-turned-brunch. While waiting for my own line, I was observing the insane queue next door for Sushi Dai. The people in front of the door was just the tip of the iceberg, a whole crowd was waiting around the corner.

Sushi chef at work while I wait for my sushi brunch. I think I was way too hungry to judge the quality of the sushi by that point lol. After gulping down my plate of sushi, I then suffered from an extremely heavy stomach (consequence of eating too fast) throughout our afternoon stroll in Tokyo. 

Lady praying at the main shrine (and unofficial guardian) of Tsukiji: Namiyoke (Protection against the waves) Inari Shrine. The crowd in front of the shrine made it almost seems like a wedding is going on! 

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