Thursday, 22 January 2015

Scenes from Tokyo: TV Towers

Night view from main observation deck of Tokyo Tower (direction North-East) Having been to Tokyo Tower 3 times during daytime before, I have to admit, the view does look nicer at night when the buildings look more uniform in colour (aka. all dark except for the warm lighting)

And I thought it would be nice to pair it up with...

Night view from Tokyo Skytree (direction I-don't-know because I switched views to squeeze Tokyo Tower in) The difference in view does say for itself. And since Skytree is in a relatively residential neighbourhood, the difference in atmosphere is also quite startling. "Oh my god, I'm surrounded by all those intimidating buildings" vs. "Yo I have the entire Tokyo under my feet" 

Plus it's always nice to show off your knowledge of Tokyo by pointing out Sumida river in the foreground~

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