Saturday, 28 February 2015

1915 Ferry Building + Bay Bridge sunset

The "1915" lights were reinstalled on the Ferry Building to commemorate the centennial of 1915 Panama Pacific International Expo. Loves the moment when the setting sun lingered on the numbers! 

Today is also one of the rare days here that feature dynamic clouds (instead of the plain blue sky). The sunset was spectacular...

Monday, 23 February 2015

Point Emery on a Windy Afternoon

Was biking along the bay trail scouting for location to sketch. It was so windy that when I flipped open my sketchbook, before I knew I was chasing all over the place after the postcard I inserted between the pages. The drivers stopping at the stop sign right beside me probably had a good chuckle ;A; The blue-ish shape in the background is a relatively carelessly drawn GG bridge.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunset in Berkeley (Wellman Hall)

Sunset at Wellman Hall, over the gentle hills of the north side campus. Same of before, pencil lines only

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Early Cherry Blossom in Berkeley

Got distracted by the row of cherry blossoms while biking down to the marina. Some other popped up further down the hill. Sure is a nice change of scenery after the miserable rainy weekend last week! (Experimenting with pencil instead of pen drawings)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Displays from Oakland Museum of California - Natural Sciences Gallery

Sutter Buttes: The mini mountain range (in Central California Valley) formed by volcanic activities 
Sandhill Crane (migratory bird)

American Bittern (migratory bird)

Desert Cottontail (hiding from predators in the undergrowth)

Yosemite - Alpine Zone
Coyote vs. Wolverine (battling for a marmot, which I was too laze to fill in)

There was "pencil only" signs in front of all the galleries, so I had to ditch my beloved pen for pencil. But the results were much better than I thought! (The colours and energy definitely stood out more!)

Scenes from Tokyo: Train stations

Tokyo station sketched in the wind (before the pending rainstorm). I was exhausted having to hold my sketchbook flat against the raging wind for close to 1 hour. I also uncovered the amazing truth that Tokyo station is asymmetric! (The tiny windows on the roof count as 4-5-center-4-5 from left to right) The station itself celebrated its 100th anniversary last December, which is why I got the special commemorative stamp on the left (styled to the similarly-shaped ceiling of the 2 domes)

Asakusa station (and the adjoining mall) in the afternoon sun.The weather was great when I went. Apparently the building was restored back to its original appearance when it first opened in 1931 in an effort to promote its historic roots and...well, impress the tourists coming to see the Skytree (on the other side of the Sumida river)