Thursday, 30 April 2015

Snapshots from Robotics Competitions

The student organization I originally belonged to held its annual robotics competition over the weekend. Since I had no duties anymore, I just stood and sketched staff / students busy at work! 

MC, photographers, and onlookers. I love sketching photographers in events, because they never show up in their own photos!

Judges (easily spotted from their distinctive uniform) + students + audience (mostly parents eagerly watching their kids compete)

Field Control table

I was squeezed against one aisle because there were so much traffic in and out of the auditorium (where the competition was held) There were constantly teams getting in and out, audience members moving down the rows when it was their team's turn on the stage. Plus my fellow club members running up and down the aisle with errands. It was my first and last time watching the competition properly, since my duties mostly lead until the beginning of the event. Glad I get to document it one last time.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

CalDay 2015!

Since this is going to be my last CalDay (university-wide open house for prospective students, communities, visitors alike) as a student, I went around campus sketching people!

First off, North Gate. There was a small info tent. And the enthusiastic girl was busy answering questions while munching on her lunch sandwich in between. That's some work ethics right there!

Next I went up to my own department's building. No matter what the events are, we always have the competition vehicles (SAE, solar vehicle) up front to attract the visitors. The labs downstairs were also filled with people, reminding me how I spent my entire afternoon in the basement too last year.

Lastly, the iconic Sather Gate. The flow of people just never stopped during the day! Had a quick chat with a pair of passer-bys when I was almost done with this painting. And one of them left me with, "Never stop drawing like that!" Much gratefulness for the kind encouragement!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

More! Spring at Berkeley

Quaint little house a few blocks uphill from my apartment. Glad to find flowers in full bloom when the campus is already shifting into (all-green) summer gear. According to Yelp, this house belongs to a reputable local dentist.

I always liked the way the 5 palm trees cut the sky into sections. Makes the wait to cross the street a little more interesting, since I do need to make this trip at least 4 times a day. I have poured my lunch money relentlessly into the red-tiled cafe on the left for the past 4 years :D

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sakura-Con, Seattle

Hopped over to Seattle over the weekend to attend my first anime convention! So many people, so much talent, so much positive energy! No wonder conventions can get addictive! I managed to squeeze in a few sketches between listening to panel discussions and strolling around artists' alley.

1st panel of Day 2 (Saturday): Live Sculpting with Max Watanabe & Masaki Asai (Max Factory)
Mr. Asai was busy working on Z-brush on the left, while Max-san (middle) chats with the audience through his interpreter (right), apparently also a regular at the conference.
The sculpting skill on display was quite phenomenal.

Ikebana demonstration! Great to see that the convention included many cultural panels

Here & There in Toronto: AGO and ROM

Art Gallery of Ontario

Works by J.E.H Macdonald of the Canadian Rockies. The pinkish clouds in the smaller painting is especially captivating.
The part that I found most captivating in Rubens' Massacre of the the Innocents. Since it is on a large canvas, the painting is much more powerful than reproductions in print. Clever lighting also make the painting take on a 3D effect when viewed from the right angle.

Royal Ontario Museum

Bird specimens on display. I found the Secretary Bird on the right especially amusing~

Dinosaur bones on display. The museum has a very impressive collection of dinosaurs, but I didn't have enough time explore them all... and also fell asleep while sketching the birds because of food coma from lunch

Here & there in Toronto: the Cat

The cat who was greatly disturbed by my taking over his couches at night...but I just enjoy looking at the layers of fat and fur pile up as he curls up. After sharing the couch with me for 2 nights, he gave up his spot and lodged himself on top of my friend's red suitcase.