Thursday, 30 April 2015

Snapshots from Robotics Competitions

The student organization I originally belonged to held its annual robotics competition over the weekend. Since I had no duties anymore, I just stood and sketched staff / students busy at work! 

MC, photographers, and onlookers. I love sketching photographers in events, because they never show up in their own photos!

Judges (easily spotted from their distinctive uniform) + students + audience (mostly parents eagerly watching their kids compete)

Field Control table

I was squeezed against one aisle because there were so much traffic in and out of the auditorium (where the competition was held) There were constantly teams getting in and out, audience members moving down the rows when it was their team's turn on the stage. Plus my fellow club members running up and down the aisle with errands. It was my first and last time watching the competition properly, since my duties mostly lead until the beginning of the event. Glad I get to document it one last time.

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