Monday, 20 July 2015

Kyoto Focus: The Two Pavilions

 The Temple of the Golden Pavilion! Sort of...made it look like a two-story building, but the bottom dark layer is actually the first floor! After reading about it so many times through Mishima, it looks a bit...underwhelming. Maybe I should come back during sunset
Its nice brother, Temple of the Silver Pavilion. Looks a bit mundane at first, but when paired at the right angle with the sand "Moon viewing Platform", there's actually a nice balance of colour and shape (the view also comes with a seating area on the engawa)

The Atlantic Frontier: St. John's

Finally, North America's most Easterly point! Important enough to be on one of the pages of the Canadian passport. There are actually two lighthouses, the one with the strange hat (above) is the original one (with bits and pieces borrowed from Scotland)

View off the actual most Easterly point. Waves crashing, wind roaring. Freezing my hands off...ears too if I hadn't my hoodie on!