Friday, 28 August 2015

Early in the day, somewhere in Shanghai

The exact view out of my hotel window. Drawn between early morning conference call, breakfast, and running for the shuttle, in the span of two mornings! Just by looking at the drawing reminds me of the rush...thankfully I'm not going back anytime soon

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kyoto Focus: Yasaka Shrine + Kyoto National Museum

 There were two consecutive weddings going on at Yasaka Shrine. All the same old stuff...until I noticed the two photographers with special armbands! The official wedding photographer of Yasaka shrine and his assistant. So I sneaked up on them while they were busy recording / attending the wedding. The feeling of drawing someone that they themselves would never expect to be captured was great!

The older one of the pair of buildings of Kyoto National Museum, and in my opinion, the best piece of the collections! I noticed this place a few years ago when I visited its neighbour, Sanju-sangen-do
The most interesting part of the building was the relief on the main entrance, it is of completely Japanese motifs.