Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunshine and palm tree in Sunnyvale, CA

Drawn to be sent as a postcard. I actually got lost on my way to my original sketching destination, but thought that this place looked pretty good already! (and the tall palm tree was perfect for the postcard) I can feel the heat that noon coming straight out of the drawing... almost got a heat stroke on my ride back lol

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bay trail - the unpopular section

Drawn at the Sunnyvale Baylands section of the SF Bay trail. I only ran lady and her dog the entire time I drew this. Couldn't really blame the south bay-ers of ignoring this trail though...there is a water treatment plant right next to it...and most of the waters are stale because access to open sea is blocked off by salt and water treatment ponds... A much different view of the Bay...but man do I wish I'm back at the Berkeley marina

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Jump, Salmon! @North Vancouver

Finally visited the salmon hatchery at Cleveland dam at the right time! The salmons are just swarming into the ladder at this time of year. So much energy and perseverance...which leaves me a bit inspired...but in the end, I'm just getting hungrier staring at my favourite seafood lol

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Trees of the Bay

Trees at UC Berkeley (North gate) When I was there... to return an overdue book ;A;
It took me 3 hrs on Bart / bus to get back to Cupertino

Trees in West Sunnyvale at sunset, right across from my office. Friday is always the best time to do some drawings while waiting for the shuttle~ I thought I lost my drawing kit after this, but it turns out I dumped my palette in an open suitcase after I got home, and then proceeded to put more clothes on top. After I found my drawing kit, I found out that my pen was missing. I was almost ready to give up and order a new one, when it just fell out of the blue when I unfolded a pair of pants while getting ready for work on Monday. Such drama :P