Monday, 12 October 2015

Biking and Sketching @ Sunnyvale and Mountain View

One good thing about biking with sketching gear is that I could stop at any location when I find something interesting. Which is the case here when I just stopped dead in the bike lane on Miramonte Avenue when I came across this interesting building. Since there was no non-trespassing signs on the gate, I just walked straight in. The courtyard was quaint and quiet and nicely shaded, a direct contrast with the rushing traffic outside. I further googling, I found that this complex has been serving as a senior care community for over 50 years, funded by a Christian society. A staff came and said hi when I was sketching (didn't surprise her at all, I'm probably not the first one to sketch here) According to her, the buildings themselves are actually over 88 years old. Impressive for Mountain View!

Just time to catch the sun setting behind Washington Park when biking back through Sunnyvale!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Coit Tower & Filbert Steps, SF

A PG&E walkin van stopped right in front me when I was just starting to put in the colours. I was mildly annoyed at first, but one of the drivers promptly greeted me as he got off the van and had a very nice attitude. So I decided to draw their van in as well (I couldn't really remember the details of the car...but the blue stood out!) Lots of tourists coming and going, but I found an empty spot in front of a garage door to spread out my supplies.

The Angel's Trumpet blooming half way down the Filbert Steps made such a impression that half of the sketching group included them in their drawings. I had to kneel down the entire time to get the bridge to line up with the flowers (note to self: tired and shaky knees are not a good idea when you're sketching on a steep slope)

Final thank goes to my employee badge, which stood in for my bulldog clips that I forgot at home.