Sunday, 4 October 2015

Coit Tower & Filbert Steps, SF

A PG&E walkin van stopped right in front me when I was just starting to put in the colours. I was mildly annoyed at first, but one of the drivers promptly greeted me as he got off the van and had a very nice attitude. So I decided to draw their van in as well (I couldn't really remember the details of the car...but the blue stood out!) Lots of tourists coming and going, but I found an empty spot in front of a garage door to spread out my supplies.

The Angel's Trumpet blooming half way down the Filbert Steps made such a impression that half of the sketching group included them in their drawings. I had to kneel down the entire time to get the bridge to line up with the flowers (note to self: tired and shaky knees are not a good idea when you're sketching on a steep slope)

Final thank goes to my employee badge, which stood in for my bulldog clips that I forgot at home.

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