Sunday, 1 November 2015

Chaos and colours in the City!

 When I was on my way to the SF Sketcher meetup in SOMA, I came across this chaotic scene on Townsend and 6th Street. Hard to imagine that across the train lines on the other side are all brand new high-end apartment buildings, while this side is filled with old industrial warehouses, graffitis, and tents. There's hardly even anyone walking by at noon. I was first reluctant even to put my bag down, even when I had my hands full with my painting black, palette, water bottle, and brush, ready to run at any sign of danger. But 10 minutes passed with no sign of change while my shoulder starting complaining, so I set my stuff behind me and remained standing. Guess working in a sketchy location is one way to push myself to paint faster lol

 And this is it, the SOMArts Cultural Center. Colourful buildings with very interesting pots of plants in the garden! (if you are careful enough to bend down and pay attention :P) The center is located in a sketchy location too (tents everywhere surrounding it), but since there were plenty of fellow sketchers painting in the garden, I even left my bag on the ground to grab some supplies indoor. Sometime it's good to have company!

Plants in teapots and bird cage. Anyone fancy a fresh brew?

Fog at Fort Mason and first figure drawing session!

 Since even the earliest Caltrain couldn't get me to the morning session of the Figure Drawing event, I hung out on the hills overlooking Fort Mason and drew the foggy landscape while waiting for the afternoon session. (Turns out the there was really no cut-off entry time for the event, but I was too scared to intrude in late anyways...) Since this is where all the cycling tourists pass by on their bike tour of the coast (and who inevitably all stop and rest because it is the top of the hill after a steep climb), I put on my earphone to avoid any noise......and to avoid mistaking the wows' aimed at the scenery for my painting instead :P

As a self-claimed landscape drawer, I had to admit figure drawing is much harder than I imagined. My pen just refuses to curve! (especially my first attempt, first one on the left page)
The event was organized by SF Models' Guild...and man were the rooms crowded!

What inevitably happens when I draw skies...Concorde!

At first I was just practising drawing skies (and clouds) on the new watercolour paper...but every white space under the sky is tempting me to add something there...and what inevitably happens is...Concorde! Of course :P