Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

 I joined my friend from Junior High at Philadelphia for Thanksgiving. After a 2-hr drive from Shenzhen to HK, a loooong flight from HK to SF, another long flight to hop over the continent (during which I almost lost my phone after being startled from my nap by a mother and kid trying to get to the empty seats next to me...thanks god the lady across the aisle found my phone inside her purse just before landing ;A;), yet another 2 hrs waiting at the terminal for the next train to Philadelphia, and finally a 1 hr sleepy train ride. That was in total 2+12+6+1 = 21 hrs JUST in transit. Thanks to the magical time difference, I still managed to arrive on the same day I departed!

Time to enjoy some glorious sunset in Philadelphia!
I swore it was like this when I put on the colours, but the next moment I looked up it was completely dark...

 Since my friend was busy finishing her homework, I took a walk along Schuylkill River (fancy name...) in the drizzling afternoon. When you've got bridges after bridges along a quiet river, there's never enough things to draw.
And finally, the Boathouse Row! It was starting to get dark at this point, so I put on the colours when I got back later. Strangely a jogger approached me when I was drawing, and said, Hello, you really do look like someone I met here I few days ago! She said she just came from China a month ago~! To which I was ready to respond, well, to be honest I just came from China a week ago