Thursday, 19 May 2016

Rain anyone? Graduation season in Philadelphia

 Hopped across the continent to attend a friend's graduation at the University of Pennsylvania

(Newark Airport - 2 days till graduation) Flew out of San Francisco before dawn (maybe after, but it was cloudy and gloomy anyways), so the bright sunset was a refreshing change after a long flight. I was stuck in the airport waiting for the next train (which wouldn't come in 2 hours), so I just pulled out my drawing supplies from my suitcase! Some pilots waiting for their shuttles were throwing some curious looks at me, who was just chilling and drawing on the pavement

Quickly did another one while waiting for my train on the platform. For some reason I always smell burnt plastic when train passes through the tracks...

 (Fisher-Bennett Hall - 1 day till graduation) It started drizzling shortly after breakfast, so I settled in a covered corner outside Starbucks (which is across from the campus) There were tents set up for graduation reception inside the campus, so I couldn't find any good unblocked views of the buildings.

I started another one after lunch, this time finding a bench where I could put my stuff down (my wrist was beyond repair from holding...everything in the morning session) The building (Irvine Auditorium) in the background apparently has a very long history of hosting important performances

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