Monday, 13 June 2016

After work duties in Shanghai

 Being sent to Shanghai during one of the not-so-humid/hot and not-so-cold months was a rarity. So I convinced myself to either get up half an hour early, or postpone dinner by half an hour to draw. (last time I only got to draw out of my hotel window because it was a burning hell outside) I did get stomachache and limped my way back to the hotel on one occasion, but it's that special opportunity that a Shanghai-nese actually get to stay near the Bund for an extended period of time. All worth it.

Somewhere on Jinling East Road, through which I basically walk from my hotel to another hotel (20 mins walk away) to catch the shuttle to work. The scenery was so interesting that I was really sad when they arranged additional shuttles to my hotel a week later... Honestly I never got to see any of the shop fronts open (it was too early in the day), but there was a lot of hustle and bustle on the street, parents sending kids to school, people getting to work, lining up for the pharmacy, etc 

The Customs building and former HSBC building. I basically walked a block out of the hotel, poked my head onto the bund, scribbled into my sketchbook, and quickly left. It was Friday of the long weekend, but I still needed to work that Saturday...;A;

I totally overestimated myself when I started working on this one. My brain just didn't have the processing power to process both the demands of my eye-hand coordination, and the dire warnings from my stomach. In the end my stomach lost, so I spent the next hour lying motionless on the sofa