Sunday, 31 July 2016

Water practise

Finally brought myself to face one of my 2 biggest fears...water. Practise based on a photo of Vancouver's waterfront

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Second time around: Fort Mason Center

This is my 2nd time drawing Fort Mason Center, this time sitting at a lower location because the wind is too brutal on top of the hill. I was looking for an excuse to sneak out of JPOP summit (happening in one of the red-roof pavilions) all day and I finally got my chance after 2pm. Usually the hottest most unbearable time of the day in South Bay, but only barely warm enough to sit still under the sun at Fort Mason. The wind almost flipped my drawing board onto my face a couple of times...

The view onto North Bay right after sunset (from Fort Mason). The fog has covered the city, but the remainder of the sunset is still visible under the cloud. The view was quite unusual, but it was too cold at the time to draw anything (plus it is really hard to capture on camera). So I memorized the scene and drew this snippet on my tablet a few days later.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Halfway home - Sunnyvale Community Center

This little pond (plus geese and ducks) is right about half way between my office and apartment. I never noticed this place until I decided to take bus to get from the nearby Caltrain station to home. (The bus does a detour around the community center) Perfect spot to rest and enjoy the sunset

Monday, 25 July 2016

Studies on Highway

When one ultimately runs out of subject to draw in a tiny town, such is exactly my case, one starts drawing things normally unthinkable. To me, that's the highway. True that they are never far away ever since I move to the US, but with buildings, flowers, ocean, and people to draw, I never had to consider the artistic potential of the highways....until last week, when I was itching to get some practise but was also starving and couldn't wait to start cooking dinner. Such is the dilemma, starve to death or draw the highway (since it's next to my apartment). The highway won.
I must look like an idiot standing in the middle of the overpass when all the cars whooshed past me lol

This is the view off the other side of the overpass, so the direction of sunlight is opposite

Monday, 18 July 2016

West Portal, SF

For some reason I can never predict the correct weather in SF ever since moving down south into Silicon Valley. And so I got off the train to a perfect Sunday morning...blanketed by fog and under 15C...with a skirt and only 2 layers
Hiding in the warmth of a local cafe (in West Portal neighbourhood) while carefully identifying which is my tea cup and which is my water jar before every brush dip.

Sketching (stalking the strangers sitting in front of me) at the Stern Grove Festival! Great music and surprisingly, calm wind and bearable temperature thanks to the trees surrounding the stage.