Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Not quite on location: More sunset and mountains!

Having recently discovered a nice blending brush in Photoshop when working on the previous sunset piece, I couldn't stop myself from going back to use the brush again, so I ended up doing 2 more digital work in the following few days.

This one comes from a photo I took after the sketching session at SFAI, since I was running for the Caltrain and didn't have time to sketch on location. Location is at Market & O'Farrell intersection.

I took the reference from a magazine on my shelf, since the photo has a nice contrast of values and colours. Based on the footnote, this photo actually depicts Mount Everest

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Not quite on location: Outside My Window

Saw this beautiful sunset after getting back home from home the other day, so I snapped a picture (no time to draw because feeding my stomach is more important~) Worked over a few days to get this done in Photoshop

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

San Francisco Afternoon in Translucent Orange

Now I shall carry on the tradition of singing the praise of Schmincke Translucent Orange, which I finally gave up my futile resistance and bought a tube a few weeks ago. Feeling the impending heat from my window in the morning before setting out for the city, I decided to shove tube in with my kit and give it a go. The colour successfully outshone every counterpart and the intensity comes out almost effortlessly (somebody rename it California Sun please!) 

The hallway of arches in SFAI. There was also a nice fountain in the middle of the courtyard and I already waited to long to get my hands on hallway with arches :P
The scenery is definitely worth the climb onto the hill. Also I'm glad there's horizontal poles on the sidewalk, or else I'd have real trouble securing my bike on the hill. (Bike thief would probably save themselves some trouble and avoid the killers hills too haha)

View from the SFAI "rooftop", which is really their first floor back courtyard if you walk in from the main entrance. I successfully found myself a place with shadows. The Coit Tower is blocked from view on the right, a worthy sacrifice to avoid the burning sunlight though

Finally, street view when I was snacking at the 901 Columbus Cafe. Left is Coit Tower (on Telegraph Hill) and Saints Peter and Paul Church (North Beach). 

Observing the Roses, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

Hopped over to the local rose garden to draw some roses on a weekend afternoon...since I don't have the luxury of having any flowers indoors (and don't want to look like a creeper inside my apartment complex garden) I tried to stay in the shadows, which probably unintentionally scared a couple of merry-makers and photo shooters alike. Haven't painted flowers in detail for a looong time, so it's a nice change of pace!

Open Air Shakespeare!

Out with the SF Sketchers Meetup group again at a free open air performance of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. I have no idea what the plot is about, and given my horrendous understanding of Shakespeare's works back in high school, I was expecting to understand anything the actors would say. 

Thankfully a lady sitting behind me was trying to get her impatient daughter interested in the show by spilling the entire synopsis right before it starts, which gave me a great head start! So aside from the singing and dancing I actually understood a few scenes! 

I realized the mistake of not bring a pen/marker with me and so had to settle with quick (and tiny) sketches of the crew. Since I'm too slow, I can only barely finish my character before a scene ends...need more figure drawing sessions...or I just need to continue pretending that no people exist in my cityscape paintings!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

This Time with People! Crossroad at Santana Row

Popped by Santana Row for another drawing session before dinner, this time including some passer-bys under the bright sun! I haven't felt the sun moving so much before, since I didn't realize I was standing under the shade of a palm tree. I was forced to move one step forward every 5 minutes or so to keep myself in the shade until I finally gave up and pulled out my sunglasses. And then the shadow from the buildings behind me caught on and all problems were solved!