Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Open Air Shakespeare!

Out with the SF Sketchers Meetup group again at a free open air performance of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. I have no idea what the plot is about, and given my horrendous understanding of Shakespeare's works back in high school, I was expecting to understand anything the actors would say. 

Thankfully a lady sitting behind me was trying to get her impatient daughter interested in the show by spilling the entire synopsis right before it starts, which gave me a great head start! So aside from the singing and dancing I actually understood a few scenes! 

I realized the mistake of not bring a pen/marker with me and so had to settle with quick (and tiny) sketches of the crew. Since I'm too slow, I can only barely finish my character before a scene ends...need more figure drawing sessions...or I just need to continue pretending that no people exist in my cityscape paintings!

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