Monday, 26 December 2016

Another kind of Winter: Christmas in Taiwan

 Ended up dropping by a friend's place in Tamsui for Christmas before heading home for New Year. In between our busy schedule of eating and shopping, I found a few hours to sneak out and paint. Since I didn't have time to go too far, I painted around the Tamsui old street / port area (Man was it crowded on Christmas day!) 

Mount Guanyin across from the Tamsui port. There was no mistake to the shimmering light; it was well over 25 degrees celsius that day. It took me days to see the Buddha's head in the mountain, despite driving/riding metro in front of it every day. There was a cross facing the sea...not sure what its origins are...

The store fronts of the old street. Please imagine crowds of people moving in the shadows below 

When I was trying to find the way back (while avoiding backtracking my steps through the crowd) I came across this interesting stairs and mural behind Fuyou Temple. (I kinda glossed over it here, but the mural on the left is of a harbour scene during sunset) The old brick houses on the left and the looming high rise on the right really creates a unique scene, probably why there were also university graduates taking group photos and tourists alike

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