Sunday, 8 January 2017

Question Mark and its surroundings, SF MOMA

Joined the SF Sketchers at SF MOMA. The original plan was to draw the atrium and perhaps the exhibits inside the museum, since it was forecasted to rain. However when I got there, the sky was dark, wind was howling, but there was no rain! Okay, just some tiny drizzle here and there. Since the museum forbids any kind of water/paint media inside the buildings, I decided to try my luck outdoors and see how long I could hold off the rain... Turns out there is indeed some artwork outside, namely Chris Johanson's giant inflatable question mark (I thought it was a giant snake in the beginning)  Since I'm at a modern art museum, I decided to try cropping my field of view and focus on the lines instead. Hence the vertical and horizontal sliver below

w/ the carpark next door

view from ground level

After the group session was done, I headed outside to draw some cityscape again. Thankfully it still didn't rain on me, but I was left trying my best to hold on to my paper and hair against the wind.

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