Sunday, 11 December 2016

Rainy Day Conquered, All Thanks to Apple Store

To be honest I was skeptical when the meetup group suggested drawing from the Apple Store (at Union Square) if the rain doesn't stop. Surely they won't allow a stranger who has no intention of buying their products spending hours in their store taking up space, let along a group of them! Which was why I was surprised when I showed up a few minutes late, finding everyone comfortably seated on the store's second floor and the staff more than welcoming us to stay and draw...even when I refused to try drawing on the new iPads... such mystery. Several staff even came up and hi, which made me flattered and even more confused lol

 Looking down at a corner of union square, with some orange cones lined up on the bottom.

Goddess of Victory standing above the Christmas tree and the white tents for SantaCon. (When trying to describe the statue to my parents, I discovered that the monument commemorates American victory over the Spanish in the Philippines....history sure is complicated)

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