Monday, 6 March 2017

Coming back home after a long trip

After an exhausting 3-week long trip out of town, I finally got to paint some more now that I actually have time to roam around on the weekends. 

I always try to combine biking and sketching in the same outing so I save time and can get some rest during my exercise (although I usually end up shivering the shades) This one is a tiny plaza a few blocks away from my apartment. As usual, not much foot traffic around this area so I get to have the corner all for myself! 

The next day I headed up to SF to attend the annual History Day at the Old Mint. Really it is less of an event, more of a convention, with groups from all over tabling and holding panels. While I was waiting at the front door, I sketched the 2 gentlemen greeting visitors in their fancy coat and top hat. The building behind with the clock tower is SF belongs to SF Chronicles.

I remember I didn't have the confidence to draw the wonderful corridor of the Old Mint during last year's event and ended up drawing Westfield shopping mall instead lol. This time the inside was much less crowded than last year (because it wasn't raining this time) and the chandeliers are too enticing to reject. Maybe next year I'll gather enough courage to draw the people in costume up close!

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