Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Coast to Lakes, roadtrip in Ontario: The Lakes!

 Water was an unavoidable subject from the 2nd day of the road trip onwards, because we were either looking at lakes, rowing in the lake...or getting rained on!

Lake Erie flowing into Lake Ontario at Niagara Falls. Canadian Horseshoe Falls on the right, American Falls in the middle, and Rainbow bridge on the left. The steam blocks the view from time to time, but this time I had the luxury of relaxing in the hotel room sofa perched high above ground and sipping hot tea, while waiting for the wind to blow the steam away. Niiiiice

Scribbled together a quick one at Gravenhurst's Steamship pier before the drizzle set in. Since my last visit was nice and balmy weather, I was totally unprepared of the freezing wind...so the boathouses to the right was left undrawn...The steamships are (left) RMS Segwun and Wenonah (right). The water itself is Muskoka Bay. And...they're both off season, since I still chose early Spring to revisit...oh well, at least Segwun is not under renovation this time.

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