Sunday, 14 February 2016

Full 2 days of sunshine in the city!

 I rarely get to spend 2 full (Sunny) days in SF (usually need to catch the shuttle to work before the mist is lifted), so it was great to spend hours standing in the sun sketching the crowd! Since security refused to let my glass water jar in (she basically said, you can't bring this in, chucked my jar in the trash can, and carried on checking my bag. To which I responded, may I have my jar back, I will not go in. Imagine the surprise on her face) But there's plenty to sketch outside, especially since the main entrance of AT&T Park has always been a challenge in the back of my mind.

Lefty O'Dowl Bridge next to the ballpark. The two pieces of concrete were always a bit of a mystery to me, turns out it is a drawbridge, and the concrete blocks are counterweights. Added the statue of the pitcher in the end to act as reminder that this is next to the ballpark ;P

 Missed my Caltrain connection by 10 minutes because of the never ending N-car tunnel work. Since it is a nice day out, I promptly started working on another painting (since one never runs out of stuff to draw in SF) After some googling later, I found that this building, Townsend Building at 123 Townsend Street, was originally built in 1903 as a coffee warehouse and now houses several offices. Great looking building, especially in the sun!

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