Sunday, 24 April 2016

All shades of green! at Napa Valley, CA

View up a hilly trail in Westwood Hills Park. By the end of the sketch, a caterpillar has found its new home on my water jar...;A;
The view at top of the hill down into the valley. The clouds were quite interesting too (as opposed to usual California cloudless skies)

All the usual winery places are packed with people, so I ended up at this abandoned (I think, since there were twigs everywhere) vineyard near the end of a driveway. Saw quite a few people walking their dogs lol. The grapes are still growing alright though!

Was strolling around downtown Napa and came across this nice scene. Plus I could enjoy my peaceful time kneeling on the grass while listening to the drunk young delinquents shouting in the background and two guys trying in vain to get a drone to fly in the foreground!

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