Sunday, 19 April 2015

CalDay 2015!

Since this is going to be my last CalDay (university-wide open house for prospective students, communities, visitors alike) as a student, I went around campus sketching people!

First off, North Gate. There was a small info tent. And the enthusiastic girl was busy answering questions while munching on her lunch sandwich in between. That's some work ethics right there!

Next I went up to my own department's building. No matter what the events are, we always have the competition vehicles (SAE, solar vehicle) up front to attract the visitors. The labs downstairs were also filled with people, reminding me how I spent my entire afternoon in the basement too last year.

Lastly, the iconic Sather Gate. The flow of people just never stopped during the day! Had a quick chat with a pair of passer-bys when I was almost done with this painting. And one of them left me with, "Never stop drawing like that!" Much gratefulness for the kind encouragement!

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