Tuesday, 20 September 2016

San Francisco Afternoon in Translucent Orange

Now I shall carry on the tradition of singing the praise of Schmincke Translucent Orange, which I finally gave up my futile resistance and bought a tube a few weeks ago. Feeling the impending heat from my window in the morning before setting out for the city, I decided to shove tube in with my kit and give it a go. The colour successfully outshone every counterpart and the intensity comes out almost effortlessly (somebody rename it California Sun please!) 

The hallway of arches in SFAI. There was also a nice fountain in the middle of the courtyard and I already waited to long to get my hands on hallway with arches :P
The scenery is definitely worth the climb onto the hill. Also I'm glad there's horizontal poles on the sidewalk, or else I'd have real trouble securing my bike on the hill. (Bike thief would probably save themselves some trouble and avoid the killers hills too haha)

View from the SFAI "rooftop", which is really their first floor back courtyard if you walk in from the main entrance. I successfully found myself a place with shadows. The Coit Tower is blocked from view on the right, a worthy sacrifice to avoid the burning sunlight though

Finally, street view when I was snacking at the 901 Columbus Cafe. Left is Coit Tower (on Telegraph Hill) and Saints Peter and Paul Church (North Beach). 

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