Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Golden Gate Bridge All Day

Went with the SF Sketchers to the Home Land Security Art Exhibition at the West batteries near GG Bridge. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), I got lost on the way (typing in Fort Winfield Scott in Google Maps somehow defaults to Fort Point at the very northern edge of San Francisco). At this point, I finally realized that something is horribly wrong, since the description in the meetup clearly says Presidio, but my remaining route can no way lead uphill. Since the ending point is already nearing, I decided to just accept the fact, parked my bike, and drew whatever I can. 
 The shadow on the left from the hills was so interesting I abandoned the bridge all together!
This is after I went to the correct meet up point (finally!) and drew the expected view. The weather was nice and warm, but the wind was so strong I could hardly see amidst my free-flying hair... For some reason, there were a few people down at the very bottom of the cliff (looks no more than a moving speck of dust from where I was standing), wonder how they got there...

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