Saturday, 15 October 2016

On the Occasion of SF's New Tallest Structure

Joined the SF Sketchers to mark the occasion of the Salesforce Tower becoming the tallest building in SF. Light drizzle, construction noise, and curious glances from the construction workers (seeing a bunch of suspicious onlookers staring at them and furiously scribbling for an extended period of time)
 First time using a new brush I brought back from Japan (the only place that sells it in a brick-and-mortar store, albeit underground of course) It was softer than my previous brush, which explains the uncertain edges here and there.
Walked around the block to find a nice brick building with a stunning backdrop that is the Millennium Tower. I was originally planning for a fisheye lens effect towards the end (since using normal perspective will cut the top of the building off)...but since I forgot to bring a pencil, my grand plan still fell through. Oh well, next time!

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