Monday, 7 November 2016

City Hall reboot, with food this time!

Went along with the SF sketchers Meetup group again, this time to the Asian Art Museum around the corner from San Francisco City Hall. There was a long line for the museum when I arrived (I thought it was because of the free admission Sunday, but it turns out they were lining up for a special Indian performance in the museum). Anyway, I decided to avoid the crowd first and worked on the City Hall. I vaguely remember that my previous and first time drawing the same subject was pretty nerve wracking because the plaza was eerily empty and only had people who were aimlessly wandering about...The statue in the foreground represents Plenty, part of the Pioneer Monument.

Maybe because of the farmers' market happening nearby, the place felt much more cheerful this time! I also grabbed a hefty bag of grapes (which took me a whole week to finish) and a nice bag of mushrooms.

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