Monday, 16 January 2017

One fine afternoon in Campbell

 After exhausting my options at Santana Row, I thought I was probably done with all scenic architecture to draw near my apartment (which unfortunately situates itself in a bland suburb) Campbell, a town few miles away, came up as an option when I was planning to go biking again at Los Gatos Creek Trail (also in Campbell) And Google timely suggests the Campbell Heritage Theatre as a point of interest. The slanting sun, the red roof, and the calm fountain; I wish there's more of these places near me! There were also very few passer-bys on foot, so I can spread out my stuff and worry about blocking anybody.

After that I headed to my usual biking spot, Los Gatos Creek Trail. The sun setting over the reservoir was so stunning I convinced myself to paint another piece. Just as I was admiring the pink hue and taking my time to mix the colours, the sunlight disappeared from the trees to the left, then the walk way...I thought it was a cloud covering the sky, but it turns out that the sun is just about to set beneath the hills to the right. (Now I understand why people living in valleys complain out short daylight periods!!) I was scrambling for my darker paints and filling in the shadows for the trees when the sun completely disappeared on I ended up relying on my memory to finish the reservoir and reflections. This was probably the most intense sketching sessions I've done...thanks Mother Nature, appreciate the lesson

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