Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bringing a much-traveled book home

This weekend I had a very important mission, to return a book (Runaway horses by Mishima Yukio) that has stayed and traveled with me for the past 8 months back to the East Asian Library. My progress through the book was so slow so I insisted on taking it with me on every trip because of the guilt. In the end, I estimate that it has clocked up 6 round trips to Asia with me. 4 of them to China, 1 to Taiwan, and 1 to its homeland in Japan. The book probably has never returned to Japan since it was published in the Showa it is always interesting to think how the book might end up after this.

I picked my previous spot along the slopes of Hearst Avenue. Even though I walk pass this location every day on my way from between my apartment and the lecture halls, the way the streets split up and curve up never fails to captivate me. The shadows casted by the greens and colours of the retro apartment buildings are also fun to watch.

After my emotional farewell with the book, I noticed the long shadows behind the East Asian Library itself (the dark shape to the left) and the building behind it. The Sunday is quiet at Berkeley because it was the last day of Spring Break and students usually don't come back until late evening. As I had the walkway and warm sun to myself, it was truly an enjoyable moment...except that I am starving (it was close to 1pm and I didn't really have breakfast) So I was glad when the sun helped out and dried the paints for me with extra swiftness! Then there was the long walk downhill to where I parked my car (I was still recovering from my trauma the day before venturing into the hills of San Francisco downtown)

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