Sunday, 26 March 2017

Rehabilitation time!

Coming back after another 2-week stint out of town. I usually bring all necessary painting supplies with me on trips, never giving up on the hope that I might, just might, have a day or two down time that I can wonder around town and sketch. Unfortunately two weeks went by again with my brush un-wet and palette untouched (the only day I got off work was spent lying sick in bed) Even though the glamour of Macau is only 20 mins away (according to the locals), I could only gaze upon its lights from afar...

 For rehabilitation of course, I biked to my usual spot, Los Gatos Creek Trail, so I could exercise my body and brain at the same time. As with suburban life, you could never get away from trees from this part of town.

An overview of the Vasona Reservoir that the bike trail loops around

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