Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sun at Full Force: Scenes from Capitola, CA

Spent weekend with dad walking around Capitola. A totally different experience from Point Coyote last week! Well, probably because one is facing the Pacific, the other the SF Bay.

 I tried to squeeze myself in the tiny shadow created by a bike rack, trash can, and a tree. Behind me were stream of people filing out after brunch / lunch. Even the shade was proved too weak agains the blinding sunlight (probably why the colours are tad darker than usual) I was looking for that curious railroad bridge in the left hand background when I saw it when I first entered town, so we ended up finding our way on top of it ...-->
Even the tracks were totally rusted, it was still labeled as off-limits. Still, there were people (normal people, mind you, not delinquents or suspicious graffiti artists) strolling casually on there, so we gave it a try anyways. The view on the creek was good, occasionally there were paddleboard-ers coming through. Even though the beach was burning, the breeze through the bridge was so cold my fingers were totally numb afterwards :(

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