Monday, 29 August 2016

Sun, Buildings, and Shades! at Santana Row, San Jose

Dropped by Santana Row (outdoor shopping complex) this afternoon to do a few studies. I wasn't expecting much because the complex was completed only in 2003 and I'm mostly interested in dated buildings...but I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was there bike parking (there's not even any roads with decent bike lanes feeding into the complex!), the fences that surround the trees have a flat surface that is perfect for my water jar and palette while the tree provides ample shade against the raging afternoon sun!
Pink building with fancy balcony fences

Right across the street, a performing arts centre I believe

The shadow is so stunning in this view that I couldn't resist painting it in full! A nice couple stopped to say hi and then asked if I was Japanese. I was a bit surprised, said no...and then ask them if they were Japanese, and they got even more confused than I was haha

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