Monday, 8 August 2016

View that was worth the cold: Palace of Fine Arts

For an unsuspecting biker passing by, this might be most surprising scenery. Even as I was biking slowly down the quiet road looking left and right for the PFA (Palace of Fine Arts), which I have been to on one previous occasion, I was still shocked to see this view pop up on the right out of nowhere. So one naturally had to stop the bike on the spot and pulled out the painting supplies. Thankfully the remaining body heat from biking all the way from Caltrain station kept me warm until I finished this piece. All the tourists coming and going were complaining about the cold, and I was like, cold? what cold? It hit me though in half an hour that they were not joking about the cold...

I was supposed to find the SF Sketcher Meetup group, but I failed to get up in time for Caltrain (for a 10AM event, I needed to catch the 2nd earliest Caltrain at 8:15!) But I decided to come anyways and after finishing the first drawing, decided to go into the PFA and see if I can see any sketchers there. As luck would have it, the group just finished their walking tour and starting to sketch the palace. So I settled in too. The cold wind and my starving stomach tormented me, but sketching with a group was such a relaxing experience it was worth postponing lunch~

I usually keep a straight face when I'm sketching in public so that I don't get distracted by talking to passer-bys. But this a little boy came up to us, pointed to one of the ladies and said," look mom! There's an elderly lady drawing!" And then looked at me and shouted, "Mom, this little girl is also drawing!" Which cracked me up so bad I had to respond :P
The lady is definitely not elderly by the way...and I'm pretty sure I look at least high school...

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